The Soundtrack of თბილისი Tbilisi

The Soundtrack of Tbilisi is a compilation LP with some outstanding tracks from Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. Independent musicians from a variety of genres have provided a selection of their best songs for this album, creating a colorful and authentic image of the young music scene in Tbilisi.

A01: TeTe noise / VAZHMARRდაისი (Daisi)
A02: არა (Ara) – ირმა (Irma)
A03: Windshield America in my Heart
A04: იალონი (Ialoni) – პატარა წვიმა (Patara Zvima)
A05: MokuMokuSugar Glider
A06: Lua Hello Yellow Lady Sun

B01: Bedford FallsThrill is Gone
B02: Creams SLEEP ON ME
B03: DRO x kordzRita
B04: Ezos ბებია (Bebia)
B05: Kid JesusSweetheart